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Non Metallic Pump in Bahrain

Non Metallic Pump in Bahrain

BEW is a Stocking manufacturer on Non Metallic Pump made of distinctively designed injection-molded plastic parts. The offered Non Metallic Pumps are available either injection moulded or machined from solid  and are designed for easy pumping of highly corrosive and abrasive products in a wide range of applications.


Innovation is our forte and we strive to supply Non Metallic Pumps made of premium quality materials like polypropylene, glass filled polypropylene, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and CF - 8M (SS - 316), cast steel, high nickel Alloys, Hastalloy etc.  in tandem with international quality standards  highly suited for handling acids, alkalies, solvents, petro-products, treated water etc.

The Pumps are appropriate for use in metallic and non-metallic selection work with high efficiency. With the increasing demands of the clients in the domestic market, we supply Poly Ethylene Pump and Non Metallic Pumps in Barbar, Ad-Dur, Isa and Al gharbi

The Non Metallic Pump have demand in the domestic and international market so these are widely required in varied industries like Effluent Treatment Plants, Power Generation Plants, Pharmaceutical Plants, Pulp & Paper Industry, Dyes & Intermediates Industry, Paint Industry, Sugar Mills, Alkalies & Caustic Soda Plants, etc

  • It has simple structure for easy working of Pipes
  • Non Metallic Pump have high endurance and long functional life
  • They are suited for high working pressure
  • Available in customized size and shape as per requirement



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Non Metallic Pump in Bahrain


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Non Metallic Pump Manufacturer - Bhagwati Engineering is a leading Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Non Metallic Pump, Chemical Process Pump, Vertical Submerged Pump, Horizontal Chemical Process Pump in Barbar, Jidd Hafs, Bahrain, Al gharbi and Manama